12 Best International Companies In Cameroon [2022]

12 Best International Companies In Cameroon 

Today, Cameroon has become the foundation of all international business.

A lot of international companies in Cameroon have realized this and this has pushed even more other companies to run to Cameroon for further investments.

Cameroon is now the best place to invest for many African countries and Western countries.

Cameroon is a market that international companies have been targeting for years.

Consider Bolore and Dangoté, who has made a fortune in Cameroon for many years, and they are just two among many others who have made their wealth.

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International Companies In Cameroon

Why international companies choose Cameroon

As already mentioned, Cameroon attracts many investors and has been doing so for years now.

It is common in Cameroon to see a company being established and be informed that it is for a foreign person.

Let us now try to know the reasons why international companies choose to invest in Cameroon.

  • Investing in Cameroon means taking advantage of unbeatable stability.
  • Cameroons is one of the countries that are proud to see and welcome foreigners without prejudice.
  • The minimum wage is very low in Cameroon, so the workforce is also cheaper.
  • The unemployment rate is high in Cameroon, so an international company will never lack skilled employees for its services?
  • The fact that Cameroon is bilingual (French and English) means that communication is always easy.
  • A diversified economy and pleasant natural resources
  • Dense climate and easy to accommodate
  • Taxation is also accessible
  • Plenty of space to invest in Cameroon.

Getting started with an international company in Cameroon

The requirements are simple

  •  Being registered
  • Making a declaration
  • Having a professional card of trader
  • Having premises
  • Meeting the tax requirements
  • obtaining an agreement

List of international companies in Cameroon

1). Heineken NV international company in Cameroon

Heineken NV is one of the most appreciated international companies in Cameroon. It is a Dutch Multi Breweries company founded in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken. 

Heineken own more than 165 breweries in more 70 countries in the world, among which is Cameroon. 

Every beer consumer in Cameroon always prefers Heineken for its light and nice aroma. It has been a leading international company in Cameroon among many others already established, available in every supermarket.

2). Colgate-Palmolive Co. international company in Cameroon

Colgate Palmolive Company is an international company established in Cameroon which operates in the sectors of trade and distribution. The main activity of Colgate Palmolive is the sale of consumer products. 

It is an American company specialising in cleaning and hygiene products such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. 

The company is present in many countries around the world, in Cameroon it is located in Douala, Akwa.

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3). Bolloré Transport & Logistics Corporate  international company in Cameroon

Bolloré Transport & Logistics Corporate is an international company in Cameroon that deals with transport and logistics, as its name suggests. 

The Bolloré Group has established itself all over the world by winning contracts in the transport and logistics sector. 

It is a company headquartered in Paris, France, but is present in more than 104 other countries and continents around the world, including Cameroon. 

Its sector of activities is transit, transport, logistics, handling, travel agency, courier, parcels etc. In Cameroon, it is located in Douala, Bonanjo.  

4). Nestlé international company in Cameroon

Nestlé is an international company in Cameroon, with headquarters in Switzerland. The company is established all over the world in locations like Congo, Chad, Gabon, Central African Republic and many other countries. 

It specializes mainly in the production of household goods for direct consumption. It is based in Bonaberi, Douala, Cameroon. 

The company is highly appreciated by the local population because of the job opportunities it provides.  

5). MTN Group Ltd Mobile Telephone Network

MTN Group is a South African multinational and is classified as an international company in Cameroon. It is specialized in the sector of telecommunications and is active in more than 22 countries in Africa. MTN employs many young Cameroonians and has done so for over 30 years.

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6)Orange Cameroon international company in Cameroon

Orange Cameroon is an international company in Cameroon. Orange is a telecommunications company based in France. 

Orange has been operating in Cameroon for several years and is a direct competitor of MTN Cameroon in the field of telecommunications. 

Orange has the most extensive network in the country. As usual, the creation of jobs is a great advantage for the Cameroonian population.

7). Brasseries international company in Cameroon

Brasseries du Cameroon is one of the international companies in Cameroon that specializes mainly in beverages.

SABC is one of the most important companies in Cameroon because citizens have already put the consumption of beer products of the brewery in their lives. The brewery is one of the companies of the Castel group.

8). SGBC   international company in Cameroon

SGBC (Société Générale des Banques au Cameroun) is an international company in Cameroon that operates in the financial sector. SGBC is located at Rond-point Bonanjo, Douala, in the coastal area of Cameroon. It has been operating and managing the financial sector in Cameroon for many years, creating and continuing to create stable jobs for many Cameroonians. 

9). Air France international company in Cameroon

Air France is one of the international companies in Cameroon, they are specialized in air flights. 

They are established in Cameroon since then and facilitate access to flights for the citizen willing to travel internationally with ease. 

Like any other company, the jobs they create for Cameroonians are huge and welcome given the unemployment rate in Cameroon.

10)Dangote international company in Cameroon

Dangote is one of the best international companies in Cameroon. Dangote is derived from the name of the owner of the company Aliko Dangote who is one of the richest African personality for years now.

11). China Mall international company in Cameroon

China Mall is one of the most recent international companies in Cameroon. As its name indicates, it is owned by the Chinese and located in Douala. 

The company has just settle not for up to one year. Most Cameroonian benefits from this not only in employment but also from the low prices they charge for certain goods.

12). Carrefour Market international company in Cameroon

Carrefour Market or Douala Grand Mall is one the biggest not to say the biggest international company in Cameroon.

The company is also a recent company owned by Europeans and has been operating for less than three years now. The company is located in Douala.

Conclusion on international companies in Cameroon  

Many people consider international companies in Cameroon as a means to keep a colonial hand on the population.  

What they seem to forget is that the Cameroonian government cannot employ everyone nor the local companies in Cameroon. Thanks to these international companies, many can feed and pay for their monthly expenses.

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