Top 6 Lucrative International Jobs In Cameroon [2022]


Top 6 Lucrative International Jobs In Cameroon

If you are the type of person who loves challenges and is willing to take up one, then international jobs in Cameroon are available for you.

Talking about international jobs in Cameroon does not only means working online in Cameroon but also offline which is day-to-day work like any other local job.

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International Jobs In Cameroon

International jobs are the best choice because they are reliable and well paid as compared to local and even office administration jobs.

Added to that, the average salary of someone working for an international institution is far higher than the SMIC in Cameroon which is 36270frs.

With this amount, you can’t boost to be satisfied with monthly revenue even for basic needs. You then understand international jobs in Cameroon which is averagely 150.000frs is highly preferred.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose International Jobs In Cameroon

Cameroon is the target for most international companies , this has made it possible for employees to be easy and accessible for everyone.

As earlier said these international jobs in Cameroon are highly paid and thus a good choice for everyone seeking a job.

  • First and most important, it is because the salary is far more appreciated accompanied with certain facilities like health insurance coverages
  • International companies give the opportunity to every job seeker depending on your skill independent of any reason.
  • Also, international jobs in Cameroon have been so popular that everyone talks and know about them.
  • With these companies, you are confident that your salary will not be played with.
  • There is no language barrier with the international job in Cameroon since the country is bilingual (English and French).
  • International jobs in Cameroon make it possible to acquire new knowledge and technology

Goals Of International Jobs In Cameroon

The two main goals or aims of international jobs in Cameroon are:

  1. They develop the economy of Cameroon with infrastructures and certain facilities
  2. They reduce the unemployment rate and thus, increase the living standard of many.

Top 6 Lucrative International Jobs In Cameroon You Can Apply For

You will get the list of some international jobs in Cameroon that are highly paid.

1.      Case Management Assistants International Job In Cameroon

Management assistant is one of the international jobs in Cameroon needed in the Far North and South West of Cameroon.

It is a regular job for women’s protection and empowerment, the role of the employee is to oversee the implementation of women’s activities.

Before applying make sure that you are available for a regular job and full-time employment and be available to work for 36 hours.


  • Have a good sense of organization
  • Female candidate are encouraged
  • Knowledge of computer tools
  • An update CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Copy of Nic
  • Academic Credentials

Deadline: 30th July 2022.

Location: Buea


2.      Protection and Rule of Law international job in Cameroon

The Protection and rule of law is an international job in Cameroon available for you to apply for.

The NGO, international rescue committee is need of protection co-facilitator personnel for a fixed term and full-time employment post.

The role the employee will be to respond to the increasing concern for people affected by war violence from Boko haram and the NOSO crisis.

Also, he also has the role to support by fulfilling the protection as detailed in the annual work plan provided.


  • Post degree in international law
  • 5 years of proven experience in protection issues
  • Planning and analytical skills
  • Bilingual
  • Can work under pressure




15th July.


3.      Social Media Manager international job in Cameroon

A social manager assistant is needed for an international job in Cameroon for its service to implement its service and communicate on its platform.

The work is open to any Cameroonian 23 years and above no matter your location. It is an online job.

You need to stay in touch with the community on all the social platforms is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The job is well paid.

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  • Have a laptop of I3 and above
  • Stable Internet connection

Deadline: 4th June

4.      Graphic Designer International Job In Cameroon

The NGO camerbourses is offering an international job in Cameroon for a new branding campaign.

For this reason, they are in need of a skilled graphic designer who will join the team. The main role of the graphic designer will be to design logos, text edition, image edition etc.


Knowledge Information Technology


5.      Human Resources and Admin officer international job in Cameroon

The NGO International Rescue Committee is hiring for its services human resource personnel for fixed-term employment and a full-time employment type for its services.

It is an international job in Cameroon more precisely in Buea in the southwest region of the country.

The role of the employee will be to conduct and recruit personnel and staff development management.

He also has the responsibility to assist programs and sector leads, prepare HR contributions, write vacancy announcements etc.


  • 2 years of relevant Work experience
  • Updated CV
  • Previous work

Deadline; 31 MAY



6.      Safeguard Investigator international job in Cameroon

 Still the international rescue committee with another international job in Cameroon as safeguarding investigator.

This time, it is a regular and full-time employment job with the aim of investigating on a global scale.

The main responsibility of this personnel is to undertake investigations of alleged safeguarding violations, formulate investigations plans and conduct reviews.


  • A resume in English
  • 8 years of experience in investigations
  • Knowledge in MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Excellent in English (Arabic is a plus)

Deadline: 20 July


Remarks On International Jobs In Cameroon

Now that you have the list of international jobs in Cameroon, left for you to apply in the one the fits your experience or the category you fall on.

Always conduct personal research before applying for a job and respect the deadline.


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