8 Best International Schools in Yaoundé [2022]

8 Best International Schools in Yaoundé 

Yaoundé is the capital city of Cameroon and a home to many international school decades now. It is the largest city of Cameroon with a beautiful climate and a conducive environment for a successful study.

There are so many international schools in Yaounde and we shall list as many as possible in this article.

Most of these schools are a combination of primary and high school except some of them that offer only one of the two (primary or secondary school). Some of these schools have boarding facilities for some students who live outside Yaoundé.

Before enrolling in an international school in Yaounde

Here are some reasons why international schools in Yaoundé are a best option for you to have a successful education in Yaoundé.

First and foremost, international schools in Yaoundé offer bilingual studies for every student. With this, most of the students are sure to be bilingual at the end of their courses.

Secondly, they offer great international education together with extracurricular activities.

Next, for schools which start from primary school, students are initiated with bilingual education from an early age.

Also, a student who has graduated from an international school in Yaoundé has a great advantage as compared to others.

Benefits Of Enrolling In An International School In Yaoundé

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in an international school in Yaoundé, including:

  • A bilingual education
  • A longer academic year
  • A more diverse student population

Top 8 international Schools in Yaoundé

international schools in Yaoundé
Top 8 international schools in Yaoundé

It is important to note that the international schools in Yaoundé are nothing less than the best in terms of foreign education in Cameroon. They mostly offer a great international training for students.

1). British International School Yaoundé

The British International School Yaounde is one of the first international schools in Yaoundé. It has great reputation and was created in 2009 and accredited by the Council og International Schools (CIS). 

Also important is the fact that it is a member of the English Schools Association (ESA). Education here begins very early with primary and secondary stages.

2). Lycée Français Fustel de Coulanges International school in Yaoundé

The Lycée Français Fustel de Coulanges is also one of the most prestigious international schools in Yaoundé.

The school was built in the year 2002 and provides an intensive program to assure the highest and best possible education.

Fustel is highly cited for its quality teachers, quality education and quality results at the end of each academic year. The educational program of the school begins from nursery to upper sixth.


3). Lycée Franco-Sénégalais international school in Yaoundé

The Lycée Franco-Sénégalais of Yaoundé is an international school in Yaoundé that was built in 1960. The main mission of the foreign school in Yaoundé was to train Senegalese elites in the city.

Even now the school still operates and their objective remains the same, education here is bilingual. The school has been operating for more than 50 years and still maintains its original objectives.

4). German Trilingual International School Yaounde

German Trilingual International School Yaounde is one of the top international schools in Yaoundé.

It is the best trilingual international institution in Yaoundé and Cameroon as a whole. The three languages available here are English, French and obviously German. is a trilingual school which offers foreign programs in English, French and German to students no matter the age.

5). Enko la Gaieté International School Yaounde

Enko la Gaieté International School in Yaounde is one of the principal French and English schools in Yaoundé.

This school focuses and emphasizes on education for life. La Gaieté, as it is commonly called, has the best students each year in regard to official exams.

The geographical location of the school is in the heart of the city Nlongka and accessible to all. La Gaieté has modern facilities provided to its students with a conducive environment that favors learning. Moreover, the teachers here are very professional, it offers the IB Diploma Program.

6). Pinnacle International school Yaoundé

The Pinnacle International School Yaoundé is a private, foreign school adequate for everyone willing to attend one in Yaoundé.

It is one of the international institutions that offers an American based program together with the American International school in Yaoundé.

Each student will be comfortable with studies here as it is adapted to everyone.

7). American International school Yaoundé

The American International School of Yaoundé is undoubtedly one of the best in the city, providing perfect American culture and education to learners.

Nowadays, many parents prefer to enroll their children in international schools in Yaoundé. It might be because of the rumor that foreign education is better than local ones.

So, AIYA is the ideal English-speaking international school that offers the best American program in Yaoundé.

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8). Lycée Franco-Tchadien international school Yaoundé

The Lycée Franco-Tchadien of Yaoundé is an international institution in Yaoundé offering education to an international community of students.

Here you are guaranteed to have a quality bilingual and bicultural learning environment with many students representing various countries.

The diversify background of students guarantees a partial or complete bicultural acquisition by learners.

Conclusion on International Schools in Yaoundé

To conclude, the best international schools in Yaoundé are mostly recommended by all because of its diverse program that permits students to develop skills and interests.

Extracurricular programs such as sports, case studies, community service projects, volunteering opportunities and arts are included in their program.

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