Top 11 Islamic Schools In Sydney [2022-2023]

 Top 11 Islamic Schools In Sydney

Islamic Schools In Sydney

Islamic Schools In Sydney

Islamic parents tend to choose Islamic schools for their kid because they are diverse and serve student who attend them. Islamic schools in Sydney are very different from each other with respects to cultures and more to that, their level of religiosity. 

Even though these schools are Islamic schools in Sydney, it does not remove the fact that they are private schools and thus need to adhere to a certain standards. 

All this include providing a safe environment for every student, a conducive to learning education and alongside the best religious education. While considering employing qualified teacher as an important factor, let’s look at the best 11 Islamic schools in Sydney.

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1.     Sydney Islamic College

Sydney Islamic College is one of the best Islamic schools in Sydney with an independent primary and secondary school for boy and girls. It was created in 2002 and offer courses such as quran , shariah, arabic, sic 4 kid and SIC 4 youth.

The curriculum offered at SIC revolves around delivering a rounded education that includes Arabic language studies along with traditional subjects such as maths, science, history and English. More to thta, the school is also quite popular for its sporting program which encompasses volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming and gymnastics.

The two campus has more than 1000 student enrolled each year, these student are vvery copetitive international that is why they are sent to compete in overseas competition as well and interschool tournament within the country.

Address: 19 Enterprise Ave, Padstow NSW 2211, Australia

Phone: +61 416 000 742

2.     Malek Fahd Islamic School

Malek Fahd Islamic School  is one the best islamic schools in Sydney that is focused on the most perfect education and programs that suit everyone’s need. The school is located Greenacre and it is a multi –campus independent Islamic co-educational primary and secondary day school.

Located in Sydney’s southwest, Malek Fahd is one of Australia’s oldest and most respected Islamic schools. The school provides an educational experience that allows students to learn about their culture and faith as well as important academic lessons.

The school has a number of programs that are very interesting for students such as art, music, drama, and instrumental music and several extra-curricular activities such as athletics, scouts and guides, abacus club, library club, tae kwon do lessons (it has its own state accredited program), computer programming club and more. Here you have Islamic talks and Friday prayer always. The building levey fee is 100 dollar discount are applied on the tuition fee when you pay fully at beginin of the first term.

Address: 405 Waterloo Rd, Greenacre NSW 2190, Australia

Phone+61 2 8732 7800

Founded: 1989


3.     Muslim Girls Grammar School

The Muslim Girls Grammar School is also the best this list of the best Islamic school in Sydney that encourages and inspires girls through faith and knowledge in character and action. It is one of the Most Advanced Islamic Girls School In Sydney, that has been offering both secular and religious education to girls since its creation.

The school's solid academic program is supported by a Muslim attitude and teaches students essential skills including mathematics, languages, social sciences and creative arts. However, this is the best school for every girl in Sydney to receive a positive learning in an environment of faith and empowerment.

Enrolment is made after filling an application form with options making it possible for students to enrol in classes at different levels while they complete their senior study. MGGS is place to be when you need to give an opportunity to your girl to the perfect version of herself not to talk of Islamic education which is popularly known to have positive influence on student.

Be sure to ask about summer programs designed specifically for new female entrants into Year 10 who can benefit from special workshops prior to registration for mainstream classes in September.

Address: 68 South St, Granville NSW 2142, Australia

Email :

Phone: +61 2 8111 5600


4.     Northholm Grammar School

Northholm Grammar School is one of the best Islamic schools in Sydney and a co-educational primary and secondary school that serve from kindergarten to year 12. The teachers provide an approach that is adapted to every child that permits them to achieve and gain potential.

The students have well-furnished library with more than 20000 books where they can study and learn more about the lessons they have got form students. The school is opened to international students with an easy registration process that allows your child to be eligible for transport, school and school camps.

Programs designed to build character are available as well as academic supports from teachers to students. The school was founded in 1983 and the principal is Christopher Bradbury.

Address: 79 Cobah Rd, Arcadia NSW 2159, Australia

Phone+61 2 9656 2000


5.      Australian Islamic College of Sydney

Australian Islamic College of Sydney is one of the best Islamic schools in Sydney where you can get admission easily. Studies are design to serve students very well in terms of creating a culture where they can be in perfect learning mood.

Here you get the best education for your child with adequate academic support and social needs that boosts their moral and increase self-confidence.

Education provides here are subsequent as it permits student to get admission to various universities easily and also gives them relevant knowledge in today’s world. The application fee ranges from 50$ to 60$.


Phone : (+61 2) 9933 6900

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6.      Irfan College

The Irfan College is one the best Islamic in Sydney to form with future thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. The school offers specialised diploma courses for Muslim students and leaders who develop confidence in a good Australian-Muslim identity with a deep motivation.

Programs available in this school are hospitality management, business administration and community service. The general levy is 310$ and capital levy is 200$ it is possible to have a discount of up to 75 per cent when you enrol up to 4 kids in this school.

The school encourages interfaith dialogue and gives an insight into how Islam intersects with other world religions. It is fully accredited and has an enrolment of more than 900 students from preschool to high school age.

Address: 2089-2109 Elizabeth Dr, Cecil Park NSW 2178, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9826 2885

7.      Unity Grammar

The next Islamic school in Sydney on our list is Unity Grammar. This co-ed school has a large portion of international students and a particularly diverse culture. It has an interesting mix of students and teachers, with most coming from different religious backgrounds.

Curriculums available are junior school curriculum K-6, senior school curriculum scholarship programs and islamic studies. Regarding extracurricular activities you have leaderships, public speaking, STEM, sports and unity Gramar ROBOTICS.

 The school has a diverse student population which expose student to many different religions, cultures, and languages! Here, you are to get best score to the most prestigious universities in Australia.

Address: 70 Fourth Ave, Austral NSW 2179, Australia

Phone+61 1800 486 489

8.       Alnoori Muslim School

Alnoori Muslim School is one of the best islamic schools in Sydney that values islamic projects and care. The school was founded in 1983, since then, their main objective is to provide students with an extraordinary skill and improve personal lives of students.

Alnooru was built in a spirit of social responsibility of boys and girls from kindergarten to year 12 which permits them to develop tolerance and gain inspiration and give them values that are evident in day to day life. .

The different fee is structure as follow for primary K-6

  • Application fee     100$ per application
  • Building levy         300$ per child
  • Bond                     500$ per family
  • Book fee             100$ per child

Address: 75 Greenacre Rd, Greenacre NSW 2190, Australia

Phone: +61 2 8774 3000

9.     Salamah College

Salamah College is also one of the best Islamic schools in Sydney that provides students with different cultural backgrounds represented within its schools community. The school has the best and quality teacher that are always ready to attend to student in case of difficulties even after school sessions.

Your kid will be comfortable here since the have an inclusive family-like culture where all students are well treated with respect .Added to that they encouraged by the school administration to be interested in Muslims value such as respect, discipline, leadership, service and excellence.

Salamah College prides itself on providing extra-curriculums like, sports such as football (soccer), basketball, netball and cricket, Islamic choirs and competitions. Hence, those who seek schools which will reinforce develop their kid’s skill alongside with family values; this is the best place to be.

Address: 40 Hector St, Chester Hill NSW 2162, Australia

Phone: +61 2 8760 1000

Founded: 2012

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10.Minarah College

Minarah College is one of the best Islamic schools in Sydney for kindergatern that cater both for boys and girls. Here you get an impressive quality curriculum together with an engaging leadership program.

It has an interesting high curriculum with engaging student program, no wonder why Minarah College has successfully achieved accreditation status by industry leader ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority) and AQIS (Australian Quality Infrastructure Services).

There are many reasons why students choose Minarah with the most important being the tuition fee and the discount applied for full payment at the beginning of school programs.

Final Thoughts On Islamic Schools In Sydney

The list of Islamic school in Sydney  above offer a great opportunity for Muslim students in Sydney to get their education from some of Australia’s top educators. Now that you have and ideas of what most of these school proposes to students, it’s time to choose which one best suits your child and your family’s needs.

Contact each school directly from the info’s provided above and ask any questions you may have to clear your doubt on certain issues. Don’t forget to also check out the links provided to see what they have to offer more apart for what was mention above.

After that, make an appointment with the principal or headmaster at the school you think is right for your child and start the enrolment process! It doesn’t matter if you are an international student or not, every child deserves a good education, no matter where they live. We hope this blog post has helped answer some of your questions on the best Islamic schools in Sydney.


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