List Of The Best Aviation Schools In Cameroon [2022/2023]


3 Best Aviation Schools In Cameroon For Pilot In 2022

Most people love travelling, going out for tourism to discover new areas for leisure, spend time with friends, for honeymoon, to find better weather, discover new cultures, find themselves, find love, wanderlust, challenge themselves, job opportunities studies, and visit their family members.

Aviation Schools in Cameroon
Aviation Schools in Cameroon

Hence, to achieve all these journeys you use different modes of transportation which are air, water and land transportations which include road vehicles, railways, inland waterways, deep sea, pipelines, lastly air all of this is known as multi-modal

This brings us to discuss airways transportation which is done by a pilot who ensures these people go where so ever they want to go by jests a fly on a very effective aeroplane. Fast service, high standard of security, natural route, less need for heavy packaging, send almost everywhere you freight, high speed and saves times, especially in case of emergency to save the patient’s life.

In all of these, there is the need for a flyer that Is a pilot to fly the aeroplane reasons while schools are widely open worldwide to train these pilots on how to fly the planes.

Popular aviation schools in the world include PURDUE UNIVERSITY AVIATION COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA, OXFORD AVIATION ACADEMY, and UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES AVIATION just to name a few but under the following paragraph, we are going to talk about the aviation schools in Cameroon.

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Aviation schools in Cameroon

Are you dreaming to be a pilot, is it your wish to be a pilot? But you don’t know how to go about which aviation school in Cameroon to go to, worry not stay turn here is the solution,

1- CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Douala Cameroon

It is one of the best and fast aviation schools in Cameroon so far and it is growing in notoriety. It is also known as the CAE GLOBAL AVIATION ACADEMY which was formerly known as SEBANA FLIGHT ACADEMY AFRICA. The school is the best aviation school in Cameroon because it is a distinctive leading aviation school with international standards fundamentally within central Africa.

These CAE oxford aviation school academy Cameroon was created in 2008 by Joseph Barla and Jean Yves kotto replacing the former school Sabena which was created in 1953 which was a Belgian school…As earlier mentioned the school’s located in doula with 03 flight stimulator, with school motor one step ahead.


The school offers courses and programs respectively:

  • Masters in air transport.
  • Tinkering
  • Image
  • Service on board
  • Commercial indoctrination and behaviour


  • Cabin crew type rating
  • Flight dispatcher
  • Cabin crew certificate course
  • Theoretical course ATPL(A)
  • Theoretical course PPL, CPL, IR, ME(A)
  • Dangerous goods transportation.



  • Have a passion for flight
  • Complete secondary high school education perfectly achieving a pass in the English language, and mathematics others subject may be may be included but these 3 are the most obligatory.
  • Medical certificates
  • Age: above 17, nationality and eligibility
  • Assessment.

Contact: +237 6 96 97 25 27

Address: MONTHE PAUL, 359, Rue, Douala

2- CCAA Cameroon Civil Aviation Academy

It’s also one of the second-best aviation schools in Cameroon which was founded in the year 2016, CAE aviation school CCAA also offers legion security training and aviation safety. CCAA as earlier mentioned was founded in 2016 by the law N098/023 of December 1998 repealed by the law n02013/010 0f 24 /July 2013 having its headquarters at the military air base101.

This CCAA has 02 main centres, that is in Douala and Yaoundé Cameroon and has certain rules to respect. Currently speaking Cameroon civil aviation school has just signed an alliance agreement with the national advanced school of engineering, Yaoundé.

It is aimed to provide various services for challenges faced by the aviation authority in which these services include recycling material and aircraft carcasses left at air terminals.


What Are The Requirements Needed To Enter The Cameroon Civil Aviation Academy;

 To be eligible to sit for the entrance examination into the CCAA SCHOOL applicants must be

  • Holders of GCE ordinary level /BEPC certificates or any other equivalent certificates.
  • Should be bilingual (English and French)
  • Physically fit and ready to work during the day and night
  • Between 21-35 years of age
  • Should be able to communicate and have a team spirit
  • Respect the CCAA rules
  • Free from any criminal prosecution and should not have been sentenced to imprisonment.

To Submit

Documents To Submit To The CCAA Should Contain

The following files should be compiled in the candidate’s application for this aviation school in Cameroon.

  • 02 passport size photograph
  • 01 medical certificate
  • A curriculum virtue
  • 01 certified copy of national identity card
  • A certified copy of birth certificates
  • Motivation letter
  • A stamped handwriting application address to the CCAA GENERAL DIRECTOR.
  • Certified copy of diploma required
  • An attestation of presentation of an original copy of the diploma tendered.

Tel: +237 22230 30 90 / +237 655 069 656


3. Advanced International Aviation Academy(AIA)

It’s one of the best aviation schools in Cameroon and the best in the world found in Yaoundé Cameroon. This school offers facilities and training programs advanced to provide its students with the best pilot training to become professional airline pilots or recreational pilots.

This is one of the best schools because firstly every student is successful and this school. Next, AIA appeared 7 times consecutive winners of the FLIGHT TRAINING SCHOOL AWARD OUTSTANDING FLIGHT SCHOOL competition between 742 aviation schools.

In addition to the countable success, AIA provides their successful graduate students with employment easily as they are in partnership with airports like horizon air, Alaska, skyways, envoy etc. 

Furthermore, AIA has recorded zero (0) accident history ever. more so they customaries their students to suit the student’s learning ability, learning pace, and cognitive and motor skills.

AIA Courses

  • Fast track airline pilot
  • Professional pilot courses
  • Airline pilot course
  • Multi-engine rating course
  • Instruments rating course
  • Commercial pilot course
  • Private sports pilot course
  • Flight instructor course


  • FAA certified 141
  • Advanced flight stimulator
  • Best training weather in the USA
  • Student transportation
  • Students’ accommodation
  • Unlimited landing
  • 22 airports for practice etc.
  • Offers free WIFI

Contact: 6 75 28 80 03


In all these aviation schools in Cameroon, fees neared are about 87900frs a year for Cameroonian students while for international students are more than this and the retirement age of pilots in Cameroon is 61 years old while the entrance into these examination schools is 17 -35 years.

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Conclusion on Aviation Schools In Cameroon

To sum it all up, as I earlier mentioned a pilot is someone who operates the flying controls of an aircraft in which this person is trained in a such known as aviation school.


They are known as the best aviation school because of the features they present such as good programs and courses, facilities, practicals, and successful aviation schools, which provide their graduate students with employment and scholarship.

Requirements to enter the school are mentioned above and their different courses. Hopefully, this article will be helpful if you are wishing to be a pilot or have the dream or vision to be a pilot being a Cameroonian or a foreigner.

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