The 9 Greatest Dancing Schools In Perth [2022/2023]


Greatest Dancing Schools In Perth

Dancing schools in Perth
Dancing schools in Perth

We think that you deserve to learn dancing in the best dancing schools in Perth. For this reason, we have put together a list of the best ones in the region together with contacts and emails.

All dancing schools have a special feature and that is what makes them different from each other. You may want to learn for example hip hop, salsa, break dance, nd, and any other dance. You won’t register in a salsa school while you want to learn break dance for example.

Our role here is to guide you to the ideal school of your choice with as much as many information as possible.  Now let’s get the best deal for you.

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1.      Jus’ Dance

Jus’ Dance is one of the best dancing schools in Perth open for children aged five to eighteen years old. They mainly focus on teaching partner dancing but also teach:

  • Rock N roll
  • Lindy hop
  • Kid ball roomballroomroom ballroom
  • Latin
  • Salsa
  • Ballroom etc

It also offers private dancing lessons for all those who could not assimilate well during the normal lessons. The school has been created in the year 2000 and has developed a various range of dancing classes according to level and experience.

Knowing farewell that dancing involves body, mind, rhythm, and footwork, Jus’ dancing schools encoencourageurages practice again and again to achieve the best result. Only like this, have you will make an incredible dancer.

For this reason, you need to always practice at home as much as possible to get everything to match your body and everything. In other to accompany you during your practices at home, Jus’ school havehashave put at your disposal a video on their website for you.

Now you know the particulariparticularityryt of this school which is partner dance as earlier said. Enjoy!

Contact: 0413 430 721 (Jenny) 

Address: 1984 Albany Hwy, Maddington WA, 6109

2.      The Dance Workshop

The Dance Workshop is one of the best dancing schools in Perth that mainly focus on training adult and mature-age student. Dancing styles that are available for you in this school are:

  • contemporary flamenco,
  • hip hop,
  • Kollywood,
  • pointe,
  • jazz,
  • tap,
  • ballet body conditioning and
  • heels
  • Theatre jazz

The school is open for a studedancersnt from 18 to 80 years old whether beginners or seasoned dancers either during the day or in the evening classes during the week and weekends. The long experience of the school (thirty years) proves that they have quality learning methods with qualified staff available for you.

Note that they offer choreographic services also, if you need somewhere to ask the big question, the school is known for doing awesome proposal flash mobs for that.

The particularity of this school is that it offers drop-in daytime and evening classes that are exclusively available for adults and matured age students.

Address: 65 Scarborough Beach Rd, North Perth

Contact: 08 9443 6966

3.      Perth Dance Centre

Perth Dance Centre is one of the best schools in Perth that offer free dance trials across every recreational class they propose. It is the ideal place for a parent to enrol their kids during a holiday to learn dance and creative games related to dancing. Dancing lessons available here are

  • Hip hop
  • Jazz
  • Heel
  • Heels on
  • Acrobatics

Parents are not permitted to watch students during the learning classes as it may cause distraction and the children can end up not assimilating everything. Enrolment in this school is very easy, you just click on the button ENROL NOW on the website’s home page you will immediately be directed to a page where you will have to fill in certain information.

Address: 1/41 Solomon Rd, Jandakot WA 6164, Australia

4.      Issara School of Dance

Issara School of Dance is one of the best dancing schools in Perth open for students from 2.4 to 13 years old. They are perfect for training children in the coordination of their mind and body and also help them acquire self-confidence and assurance. Dancing lessons available here are

  • Ballet
  • Tots discovery dance
  • Funky boys and girls dance
  • Contemporary and Jazz

Issara School is special and particular because they offer a successful and high dance and music program adapted for toddlers. Here kids learn in a fun, caring and joyful environment during the dancing classes.

Programs in this school are adapted to every child depending on the chosen dancing style. The various programs focus on exploring creative movement, rhythm, confidence, and imagination for kids.

Address: Cottesloe Civic Centre Lesser Hall, 109 Broome St, Cottesloe WA 6011, Australia

Phone: 0439 929 787

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5.      Sefton Dance Academy

Sefton Dance Academy is one of the best dancing schools in Perth and one of the oldest in the region which is 45 years. Everybody is accepted to enrol in this school, that students of every age are accepted, girls or boys.

Dancing lessons available are

  • Hip hop
  • Ballet
  • Tutu ballet
  • Acrobatic
  • Jazz and Tap
  • Lyrical and contemporary classes

All these classes are carried out by qualified dancing experts and in a favourable and conducive environment that gives way to quick learning.

Address: U/2/6 Gibberd Rd, Balcatta WA 6021, Australia


Contact: 0412085904

6.      WA Performance School

The WA Performance School is one of the greatest dancing schools in Perth that encourages students to develop self-confidence in a supportive environment. Here you have dancing lessons on

  • hip hop
  • ballet
  • party entertainers
  •  k-pop and
  • burlesque.

Classes are open to all whether toddlers, kids, teens or adults you are all welcome in WA performance school. Private lessons are also available and open to students who also need dancing lessons for fun as a career.

You are all welcome to this school even if you are in for fun, professional training, or you are in to learn. You can easily do online registrations and fill in all your kids or your info on the required tab and proceed with payments.

Various entertainments available are dancers and choreographers, shows and kid’s parties.

7.      Kelly's Dance Academy

Kelly's Dance Academy is also one of the most appreciated dancing schools in Perth that teaches dancing lessons through the beauty of arts and provides enjoyable classes to the dancer. If you enrol your kid here, be sure that they will acquire new skills. This is because the staffs at Kelly’s Dance Academy have passion for their work and do that well.

Dancing lessons available are

  • Bub and Me
  • Tiny Tots
  • Contemporary Just Dance
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Tap and recreational
  • Hip hop and
  • Just dance

The school was founded in 2014 and had just a few students by then, now their motivation and hard work have made it popular and highly appreciated by everyone in the region. Students who register at this school learn rapidly and grow up to be the best dancers in their discipline.

8.      Èlan Dance Est.

Èlan Dance Est. Is one of the most valuable dancing schools in Perth that will train you all the skills you need to be a professional.  Here you get the best hip-hop dancing schools in Perth for your kid and also provide a school holidays program.

Dancing lessons available for adults, kids, toddlers and teens are

  • Hip hop
  • Dance hall
  • Afrojam
  • Heels on
  • Twerk
  • Contemporary
  • Dance essentials and
  • Term Dates

Note that classes start are  10$ and are available for all. The school is improving continuously and developing innovative learning technics that will help and facilitate the acquisition by students.

Contact: 0424 186 825


9.      Principal Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts

Principal Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts is equally one of the most highly rated dancing schools in Perth to learn how to dance. It is also one of the best internationally Musial and arts-approved schools for RSLVW qualification.

Here you get the best dancing experience provided by the best and most qualified professionals to help you attain your goals. Added to that, the teaching or training method is completely innovative, engaging, relevant and adapted to each student.

The program is made up of practical lessons and training kids to be flexible and specialise in varied disciplines. Courses available are

  • Dance
  • Music theatre
  • Acting production management etc

The dancing course comprises professional series, diploma extended and master class levels. If you are committed to professional training, talented, can work, and attend past auditions then you should ENROL NOW.

Address: 187 Carr Pl, Leederville WA 6007, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9228 8600

Conclusion on Dancing schools in Perth

As announced earlier each dancing school in Perth has its own, particularly that the others don’t have. We have worked on distinguishing this and guiding you on each of them. For example, Elan Dance Est is the perfect dancing school if you want to learn how to twerk. But if you instead want to learn how to dance rock N roll, the perfect school for that is Jus’ Dance.

With this, you have to always pay attention to details when you want to enrol in a dancing school. Always consider which is the perfect fit for you and consider doing more research via the provided links. You can also contact them via the contact details provided too. Enjoy!!


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