How To Apply for SASSA Grant


How To Apply for SASSA Grant

How To Apply SASSA Grant

How To Apply SASSA Grant

SASSA stands for the South African Social Security Agency and is the government agency in the country that handles these social security services and payments. It is meant to help and support for poor people or vulnerable people in need of help to ameliorate their living standards by granting them allowances. Note that SASSA is administered by the SASSA Act of 2004.

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Various Social Grant Available

Here are the social grants available in South Africa, they include the following:

  • Grant in Aid 
  • War veteran’s grants 
  • Child support grants 
  • Disability grant 
  • Older person’s grant 
  • Social relief of distress grant 
  • Foster child grant 
  • Care dependency grant 
  • Covid-19 social grant 

Note: The social relief grant runs for three months because it is a temporal social grant. Same as the Covid 9 social relief grant is also a temporal grant which is limited till March 2023.

How do you know that you are qualified for the SASSA grant?

In other to know that you are eligible for this social grant, you must fulfill the following;

  • You should be a South African nationalist or better still a permanent resident
  • Accept and confirm the clauses in the Declaration and Consent 
  • You should not register for any other social grant
  • If you don’t get the care you need in a government institutions
  • If you are single and can’t make more than R78 120
  • Also, if you are married and can’t earn more than R156 240.

How to apply for a SASSA grants

You need to provide the following to apply for this grant

  • A 13-digit bar-coded ID
  • A statement signed by a reputable person
  • Verify your age
  • A well-proven income and saving
  • A well proven of your residence
  • A proof of your marital status
  • Bank documents of less than 3 months
  • If your spouses died in the last five months
  • Asset and pension verification
  • Proof of unemployment insurance if you were unemployed

Now that you know how the SASSA application is done CLICK HERE to know how it works.

After you have submitted the documents correctly, the application status starts immediately and the process can last up to 3 months. You will probably receive payments after the application has been checked successfully. Now you need to know if you were accepted or not.

How to know if you were accepted

In other to know if you are accepted or not, for this application, you will surely receive a text and sometimes a message that indicates to you if it was successful or not.

If you are accepted, you will probably receive the payment option and dates.

How do you check the SASSA balance?

You need to follow the steps below carefully to check your SASSA balance.

  • First, you need to dial *120*69277# on your phone
  • Next, you need to choose a language
  • Also, you will follow the prompts
  • Finally, you should receive a message notification 

To sum up, you can always check your application status online to track everything. If you feel you want to desist or cancel your application at any time, CLICK HERE.



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