Top 10 International schools in Libya [2022-2023]

International Schools in Libya

International schools in Libya
International schools in Libya

You are certainly packing to Libya or you require the best education for your kid in Libya. You must have read that international schools in Libya are the best options for your kid to get the best education overall.

Well, it is correct. Now the problem lies in which school to choose among the numerous international schools available? It is not easy to choose as each school provides good and perfect education but you need to find the one that matches what you have planned for your kid.

Because of all this, we have decided to take the stress of choosing the right school by providing a collection of the best international schools in Libya for you.  Take a pen and note down because you will need it to tick the perfect match for your children.

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1.      International School of Martyrs

International school of Martyrs is one the best international schools in Libya that provide student to every student irrespective of their background The school has the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and offers sports, language, special needs, activities, and music programs to the student.

It is one of the best leading private English education in the area of Tripoli. The school has facilities such as a boarding school, an overview of on-campus and off-campus, and a library. Extracurricular activities such as basketball, football, and swimming are available in the school.

Address: V49G+9G8, Libya

Phone+218 91-6687834

2.      Tripoli International School

Tripoli International School is one of the best international schools in Libya which provides the best education for kids from 4 to 18 years old. It is the best school if you want your child to get the best English Language education with the IGCSE program provided to all senior students.

Here you will get the best curriculum that complies with the internationally recognized education program. The fact that students come from all parts of the world implies that your child is exposed to multiculturalism.

The school was founded in the year 2004 and is registered by both Libyan and British education. The school fee can be inquired about at school via the provided email.

Address: R4PH+G3F, Tripoli, Libya

Contact : 218 (21) 4803333

3.      International School Benghazi الدوليه

International School of Benghazi is also one of the best schools in Libya that teaches the national curriculum for England. Same as the Tripoli international school, it also includes a range of IGCSE added to that is the AS level, and the A level qualifications make this school unique and the best fit.

The main purpose of the school is to nurture kids into full-grown, mature individuals with the ability to explore and learn more always. They identify the unique feature in each child and thereby making them increase their potential skills and hence become excellent everywhere.

Admissions are done by feeling out the online enquiry form on the website and these admissions are confirmed subject to the child’s assessment results.

Address: 24P7+MRW, Benghazi, Libya

Phone+218 61-4700005

4.      Ladybird International School

Ladybird International School is one of the best international schools in Libya for a student who needs a perfect international program for their kid. The school is aimed at training students in such a way the next generation adds value to society.

The main focus of the school is to facilitate business administration issues by managing various administrative tasks in one place. An application where students and teachers can communicate or exchange is available on App store.

The fee inquiries are available at school.

Address: R5XV+FMV، Hadba Toul, Hi Demashik، Tripoli 218, Libya

5.      Elite International School

Elite International School is one of the best international schools in Libya which was created in 2012. The school has the most experienced, motivated, and qualified staff that is committed to providing the necessary skill to students.

Added to that, the school teaches Islamic values together with the most recent technology innovations. Here, students are prepared to integrate many other international education opportunities.

Courses include oxford curriculum, sports activities, English language, and computer education.

Address: V6V6+7MH, Zawiat Al Dehmani Street,, First Right After Al Fursan Marriage Hall, Tripoli, Libya

Phone+218 92-5606603

6.      Alfawz International School

Alfawz International school is equally of the perfect international schools in Libya founded in September 2006. The school started with 20 students, it was not easy but now it has more than 500 students enrol in the school.

It is possible to enrol starting from pre-kindergarten and has proven to be the best international school that provides the student with necessary skills. Also, the schools announce that registration for this new academic year is open from the 6th of June 2022.

Note that registration is open for new and those moving from another school. Places are limited so, grab your place now.

Address: Tripoli, Libya

Phone+218 91-0434108

7.      Summit International School

Summit International School is an adequate international school in Libya for the best and most rigorous education for students. The school has accumulated success in academic achievement with the graduated student being the best in various skills.

Also, qualified, caring staff provides quality education to your kids easily. These teachers are experts and the small class sizes favor the easy exchange between students and teachers. Hence, the student gets the best out of their class studies.

The international teaching program includes French, Arabic, and native English hence ensuring the education of an international standard.

Address: Off Ettalajat Rd. first turn after the gas station، Janzur, Libya

Phone+218 91-9988778

8.      International Knowledge School (IKS)/ Global Knowledge School (GKS)

International Knowledge School is also one of the most appreciated international schools in Libya with two departments Arabic and English. The English and Arabic departments are considered separate schools because of the different curriculums and examination systems.

They offer primary, lower, and high school education for students from 3 to 17 years old. Facilities provided by the school are a science lab, modern theatre, canteen, football pitch, swimming pool, library and a basketball.

Note the school has an E-library with more than enough books and e-books available for students and reachable with tablets, phones and personal computers. Registration fee is available at school via the various staff.

Address: R6MX+733, Ayn Zara road, Nasser University street, Tripoli, Libya

Phone+218 92-2000011

9.      ISM School (Janzur Branch)

ISM School falls on the list of the best international schools in Libya.  The school was opened in 1954 and was mainly for children of oil company executives and diplomats. Now the school has modeled on the American curriculum and teaches the UK and Canadian curricula with success.

The main objective of the school is to provide early, basic and secondary opportunities to students residing in Lybia from diplomatic missions. Also, they provide educational diversity to students.

With all these, students develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility and aspire to archive full potential. Lessons are thought in a happy, friendly, safe and supportive environment.

Address: R2PX+733, طريق الغيران الزراعي،, طرابلس, Libya

10.  International Libyan Turkish School

International Libyan Turkish School closes the list of the best international schools in Libya that provides a respectful and diverse education to a student in a conducive environment.

It is the best school for students to acquire the highest standard of education for every student and Libyan society as a whole.

Modern methods of teaching are applied to keep students in step with modern methods of teaching.

In addition, the school offers Lybian students the opportunity to return to their country.

Address: R3C9+2RJ، turn left from the local school at Al Mawashi Street، Tripoli, Libya

Phone+218 91-6129115

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Conclusion on International schools in Libya

This is the end of our article where you will find the best selection of international schools in Libya. It should be noted that more than half of these schools use modern teaching technologies and have up-to-date educational facilities for easy learning.

Let's hope that by now you have already made your choice. However, we advise you to always do thorough research on each school before making a final choice. Best of luck in finding your new school and have a good start.


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