Easy Steps To Application to international Universities in The USA [2022/2023]

How To Apply To an International University in the USA

How To Apply To an International University in the USA
Application to an international university in the USA

You are in a position where you need to continue your studies in the USA as an international student? There are more than 200 colleges and universities that accept international admissions yearly.

If you are thinking of applying to one of these universities and colleges, then apply to those that will easily accept your application admission.  Follow the steps below if you are currently in search the steps for an outstanding application. They will permit you to get the qualifications to be accepted for the next academic term. So, if you have graduated from an accredited college with merit, then you have a chance to have a positive reply.

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Step 1. Select the universities for your studies abroad

It is normal that before you require admission to study in an international university, you already have one in mind. But you should select schools that offer admission according to certain criteria. That is those that accept undergraduate students, to their academic programs, if the school has the required high school equivalency, etc.  Consider universities that have the reputation of accepting foreign students in their effective before you enroll.  Most schools do that, but you can choose among the list below:

Boston University

Columbia University

Northeastern University

Rice University

Wilmington University

Step 2. Getting ready to apply

Now that you are done and already have a selection of colleges and universities in mind, it is time to apply. Some schools give the facilities for every potential student via the link or contact us detail on their website.

Before contacting them, you will need to follow up on the requirements displayed on the website. It is mandatory to avoid doing things many times that may make you late.

Most high schools in the USA require the following before you register for classes:

  • Writing samples
  • List of the official document
  • Portfolio
  • Personal statements

Tip: Take at least two weeks to prepare and also too many schools before the last day. In this case, you have the chance of being admitted for your grades in higher education. 

Step 3: The Application Fees to the USA universities for International students

Applications to an international university obviously require some fee before you submit your application to the office of admissions. So before you pay your fees for this spring semester make sure you have the required funds for that. The application fees to most schools for student ranges from 70 to 110 USD.

Given that you have to choose many schools to increase your chances then, you will multiply this amount by the number of universities chosen.

Step 4. The Language necessary applications

English the language used for education in the U.S. To ensure that you are good at English or to ensure that you can learn in English, you need to pass some exams with a good test score. You need to pass these tests and you will be accepted according to your score after the examination.

  • International English Language Testing Service abbreviated as IELTS
  • Pearson Test of English abbreviated as PTE
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language abbreviated as TOEFL

Step 5. Documents required

Document for application to universities in the US depends on the programs and the university itself. However, here is a list of the most requested information to withdraw before the commencement of the semester. You need to send direct the following:

  • A school transcript/official transcript
  • A Curriculum Vita
  • Sat score
  • A high school equivalency
  • result of one of the above English test
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Application fee
  • A passport photo

Step 6. The deadline for most International universities Applications in The US

This is the final step of the application process to international universities in the US. The deadline depends on if you are:

1.      Applying for an undergraduate degree – divided into two application deadlines. The early admission and the regular admission.

2.      Applying for autumn admissions- deadline for this is October and latest November.

3.      Applying for spring intake for bachelor's degree – deadline is between august and September.

4.      Applying for spring intake in the US  master’s degree- deadline is November

You should always search for this information in each school you chose as it may vary considerably. Let’s take as an example the University of Texas the deadline for the bachelor's degree application is between November 15 and December 15.


Things to check before starting the process of application

Before you fill fill-out any application to an international university in the US, you should check the following about each school.

  • Accredited college/ Accredited institutions – very important
  • Academic program – if the schools have the program you are in for
  • Transfer Application – if the school is open for transfer.
  • Online admissions – if there is a way to do admissions online
  • Nondegree seeking
  • Application information
  • Application instructions
  • Required documents
  • If the fee is nonrefundable

The admission process

Final thoughts on application to an international university in the USA

Finally, if you have provided admission details above, you are likely lucky to get your student visa easily after being admitted as an international candidate.

Hence always conduct personal research on the colleges of your choice. By this, you put all the chances on your side to be accepted if you do everything that is required.

NB: Take it seriously, it is not a common application. Always check your emails for any regular decisions, you may miss something. It is mandatory to always respond on time. This is not only because of the deadline but also because of the respect you have for each institution. This gives you time to reapply in case there was a missing document.

Sample Application Letter for Certificate Confirmation 


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