List of 13 Real Estate Companies in Douala Cameroon [2022/2023]


List of 13 real estate companies in Douala Cameroon

You are in search of a new house in Cameroon precisely in Douala and you don’t know where or how to start. You are suspicious when it comes to choosing or handling the task for a real estate company? We have tried to solve all these questions by proving the list of all real estate companies in Douala. This list was established after deep research and personal experience with some of these companies. Now, here is the list of the best real estate companies with a brief description of the services they provide.


real estate companies in Douala
real estate companies in Douala

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Sofiges real estate is one of the best real estate companies in Douala that provides the best services for all those who need to buy, sell or rent homes.  They help the client to bypass all the complicated processes involved in the process of the above services. They help you through the negotiation process till the signing of contracts by both parties.

Address: 122, Rue Joss, DOUALA · ~1.6 km

Contact : +237 6 97 88 76 26

2.     Immeuble LA FINALE

Immeuble LA FINALE is also one of the best real estate companies in Douala that helps you to sell your property quickly. They can also help you find a house to rent with the characteristics you desire. They carry out research in the zone you have chosen to settle and propose the best house with positive feedback to you.

Address: 2460 Rue Joffre, Douala, Cameroun ·

3.     NewLand Sarl

Newland Sarl is also on the list of the best real estate companies in Douala that helps land owners to quickly sell their land. By this, they avoid the stress of searching for customers and walking through the required administrative processes. Also, trusting them is ensuring certain feedback you may not be aware of.

Address: Face College, Dauphine Ndogbong, Douala 00237 · ~5.6 km

Contact : +237 6 77 23 64 69


4.     Superbe appartement

Superbe Appartement can also be recognized as the best real estate company in Douala that is skilled in helping both parties have a good deal. If you are in search of the right home in Douala, find no more head to logbaba and get the solution to your problem with Superbe Appartement. They help you avoid the mistakes of first-time buyers that can be costly.

Address: Douala logbaba jardin, Douala


5.     Residence Belmann

Residence Belhann is one the best real estate companies in Douala with local expertise that will help you with renting, buying and selling houses. Consider that you are new in the town, you need the services of an agent that not only skilled in negotiation but can also help you find the appropriate house according to the description or requirement you make.

Address: 2MRX+HF8, Rue Richard Bell, Douala, Cameroun · < 1 km

Contact: +237 6 53 89 43 92

6.     Immeuble Ibanne

Immeuble Ibanne is also one of the best real estate companies in Douala that can help you find the best house in Douala with the lowest rent possible. They are reputed to always respect the deadline on contracts and easily locate any house or land for sale. Hence, you got what you need with your established timeline.

Address : 264 Rue de la Monte Piquet, Douala, Cameroun · ~1.7 km


7.     Nature Residence

Nature Residence is also of the most trustful real estate companies in Douala that provides all services related to property renting. They can easily help you locate and buy properties on which you can invest and make money easily. This company can easily point out good property management for you.

Address : Rue Emilie Saker, Douala · ~2.2 km

8.     Logements Du Cameroun

Logements Du Cameroun is also one of the best real estate companies in Douala, Cameroon which you can trust with your money and property with more than 5 years of successful experience. They provide you with indications, pictures and videos of different homes. This avoids the stress of moving around in the hot sun of Douala to finally find out that the house doesn’t fit your needs.

Tél. 233 43 36 07 / 699 25 07 42

E-mail :

9.     Immo Prestige Cameroon

Immo Prestige Cameroon is one of the best reals estate companies in Douala that provided beats out the competitors with the price. They provide reasonable prices to customers who are interested in buying properties in Douala. Hence, you should be sure that they have taken into consideration the social amenities and facilities around the properties before pricing.

Address: 3PRR+RG3, Unnamed Road, Douala

Phone: 6 53 24 24 24

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TRËMA SARL is equally one of the best real estate companies in Douala that uses its skills to negotiate. They conduct negotiations to satisfaction of both parties. When a buyer is not satisfied with the agreed requirements and fees, the agent has the responsibility to organize a meeting to make a new agreement or make everything clear for a positive conclusion.

Address: 8757, Douala

Phone: 6 96 33 11 93

11. Afro Real Estate Cameroon

Afro Real Estate Cameroon is among the list of best real estate companies in Douala that has the responsibility to take care of the client’s interest. This real estate company has the reputation for providing the best and the most incredible negotiation services. Search no more if you are in search of an expert in negotiation in Douala.

Address: Douala

Areas served: Douala and nearby areas

Phone: 6 72 63 87 39

12. Jabea executive apartments and spa

Jabea executive apartments can be one of the best real estate companies found in Douala, Cameroon. Since it is essential to work with the correct agent, then working with Jabea executive apartments is the correct thing to do. They have a professional agent with adequate support that will help you through.

Address: Bonadouma II, 2.361, Douala, Cameroun · ~4.3 km

Contact: +237 6 79 52 03 03



Batim-Cameroun is the last on the next on the list of best real estate companies in Douala that provided the perfect inspection services for their clients. These agents have the profile of inspectors and provide feedback after perfect inspections have been made before any asset is put on sale.

 Address : 34 rue Dinde CAMEROUN sisà coté de COLINA CAMEROUN derrière la Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance Sociale, Rue Dinde, Douala, Cameroun · ~2.3 km

Final touch on real estate companies in Douala, Cameroon

Note in other to get the best real estate company in Douala, you have to judge by the determination and effort of each agency. Also do not hesitate to carry out deep research with the provided address and contacts mentioned above. Finally, always seek help from estate companies that are professional and provides multiple supports.

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