Sample Application Letter for Certificate Confirmation


Example of a certificate confirmation request


Nkwetissama Charlotte,

Department of Banking and Finance,

Faculty of Social Sciences.


23rd of September, 2022.

To the Registrar

University of Buea

South West Region, Cameroon.


Dear Sir/Madam


A request for certificate confirmation

                     I am writing to inquire about the confirmation of my certificate.  I graduated from the University of Buea with a Bachelor of Social Science in Banking and finance in 2020, where I obtained a first-class honours degree.


                    I would like to apply to another university in the USA to continue my studies, but the university tells me that I have to present a certificate of non-certification before proceeding with my application to their university.


                     I look very much forward to receiving your reply and hope that this application will be treated with the urgency it requires.



Yours sincerely,




certificate of confirmation



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