About Us

 About Us 

CAREER GIST is an online website with the aim of providing academic, job, career advice, and social media information to every student with search-related info. It is a democratic space for everybody and helps facilitate the search for schools by students all over the world.

Our Mission

It can be difficult to move from one area to another when you don’t have information about the area. Careergist.net provides you with information on the schools, and jobs available in the desired area of everyone. Hence, you can start a new life everywhere without any fear of where to enroll your children or where to start a new job.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give students and parents free information on tuition fees, school, scholarships, jobs, and salaries in Africa and out.

Our team is highly qualified and spread in many countries just like our audience, hence providing free and well-researched information to the audience of Careergist.net

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