Top 13 Christian Schools in Richmond [2022-2023]

 The 13 Best Christian Schools in Richmond

Many families from Christian backgrounds are always ready and prefer to enrol their children in a Christian school so, they will continue in the same spirit at school.

For inhabitants of Richmond, we have compiled a list of the 13 best Christian schools in Richmond together with the special attributes of each school.

Christian Schools in Richmond
 Christian Schools in Richmond
Educational standards are higher than ever, and when it comes to getting your child into the best school possible, you need all the help you can get.

Whether you live in the Richmond area or not, this should serve as an excellent reference if you’re looking to find the best school options available near you!

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The 11 Best Christian Schools in Richmond

1) The Carmel School

The Carmel school is one of the best Christian schools in Richmond to enrol your child for this academic year. Carmel school offers advanced placement courses to students with the mission of preparing them for a prosperous world.

AP courses include chemistry; psychology, English literature, European history, government and Spanish.

Here there is a build-up community which creates supportive academic and physical growth rooted in Christian values.

For its high scores in extracurricular activities, registration fee, admission process, library system and faculty members Carmel has been named one top Ten Christian Schools in the area.

Phone : (804) 448-3288



2) St. Christopher's School

St. Christopher's School is one of the best private Christian schools in Richmond for boys with quality teachers. The schools have three libraries, with necessary resources to complement the curriculum and with qualified library staff who are always present to assist.

The library program is divided into three lower, middle and upper school libraries with a perfect integrated search analysis for the boys.

Extracurricular activities include sports such as basketball, lacrosse and soccer; technology, music and drama programs; science fairs; volunteer opportunities and much more. The tuition fee is $26,350 for the highest grade offered.  The admission process is highly competitive and selective.

This is the best Christian school in Richmond to enrol your child because they deeply understand and know boys, know how they think, how they learn and finally what makes them different from girls.

Phone :(804) 282-3185



3) Richmond Academy

Richmond Academy is also one of the best Christian schools in Richmond where you have the best school programs for your kids. They are dedicated to Christian education for students in k-12 college-preparatory curriculum.

The school uses a successful and holistic approach to educate your kids to be self-confident, develop their skills and prepare them for a productive life of service. 

The diversity of this school makes interesting every extracurricular activity for students to participate in including marching band, soccer, basketball and spirituality. However, the school is open to international students with an application online with every parent's login details.

Phone :(804) 784-0036

Address : 12285 PATTERSON AVENUE

4) St. Catherine's school

St. Catherine's is a private Christian school in Richmond that serves preschool with advanced placement courses. The school is based on planned lesson that facilitates every leadership opportunity for girls.

A variety of extracurriculars are offered for children, including health and wellness, spirituality, after-school care program, service-learning and clubs for arts, drama and musical instruments. The mission of St. Catherine's is to provide an environment where all girls may find Christ and make the world different for them.

The 2022-2023 application is already opened, what are you waiting for?

Phone : (804) 288-2804

Address :6001 GROVE AVE RICHMOND, VA 23226

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5) Trinity Episcopal School

Trinity Episcopal School is one of the best Christian schools in Richmond that offers advanced placement courses and international baccalaureate for its student. Extracurricular activities include artwork such as visual, performing and gallery arts. School life includes global counselling, outdoors programs and global engagement.

The entire campus is equipped with state-of-the-art athletic facilities, including a full game schedule and alumni athletes. Throughout each class level, students are encouraged to contribute back to their community by becoming active members in one of many social causes on campus.

Whether participating in a book drive or volunteering at local pet shelters and soup kitchens, the main mission of the school is to make children discover their path and be capable of facing various challenges while exploring their passion.

Phone :(804) 272-5864

Address : 3850 PITTAWAY DR

6) The Steward School

The Steward School is one of several Christian schools in Richmond and a local private school affiliated with First Baptist Church of South Richmond and is a ministry of that church.

The Steward School has built its foundation on using scripture as a source for character development, educating for wisdom and godliness and equipping students with biblical principles.

Academics included service learning, library and technology that will help them make wise decisions as they grow up.  The school has an innovation lab that permits students to discover a new way of learning.

Address: 11600 Gayton Rd, Richmond, VA 23238, United States

Phone+1 804-740-3394

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7) Veritas School

While many of Veritas School is also one of the best Christian schools in Richmond founded in 2000. The tuition fee for the highest grade in Veritas School is $14,760 per year with an average financial aid of 6700$.

Here you have activities like performing and visual arts, with academics from lower to junior kindergarten. Extracurricular activities include basketball, cross-country, swimming, soccer and tennis.

Programs in this school include bible, Latin, English language, history, maths performing arts etc. Also, you have a well-supplied library where students can learn from books and know more about their lessons.

Phone :(804) 272-9517

Address :3400 BROOK ROAD

8)Grove Christian School

Grove Christian School is a private Christian school in Richmond and a coeducational school which emphasizes academic excellence, spiritual development and individualized attention.

The yearly tuition fee for the highest grade in this school is $8,200. It is possible to visit the school via the virtual tour link provided by the school.

The non-refundable fees are displayed as follows:

  • Application – $75 per student
  • Enrollment – $300 for every new student
  • Technology  – $50
  • Late – $35 (in case you are late)

Here you have small sizes classes that permit teachers to pay attention to the progress of each student individually. Students are being thought arts, music from a biblical perspective.

Hence this is the perfect school for parents who seek a Christian education for their kids.


Phone : (804) 741-2860

Address : 8701 RIDGE ROAD RICHMOND, VA 23229

9. Church Hill Academy

Church Hill Academy is one of the best Christian schools in Richmond with the main aim of empowering every student to become a better leader both in schools and communities.

They do this by first attending and responding to students’ academic needs intuitively. Regarding the religious aspect, prayers are organised together with weekly chapel services.

What makes Church hill special is that it is a member of the National School Lunch and breakfast program. Due to this, all students receive free lunch and breakfast no matter their social and economic background.

Applying to this school is quite a good idea since it provides career preparation, economic literacy, life skill building and most importantly spiritual development with rigour.

The tuition fee to this school closed to $17,000 per year, do you think it is high, then note that students receive full or partial tuition scholarships from generous donors.

Address: 2010 Carlisle Ave, Richmond, VA 23231, United States

Phone: +1 804-222-8760

10. Seven Hills School

Seven Hills School is one of the best Christian schools in Richmond and is a middle school exclusively for boys. The school is open for students from grade 5 and studies are made in a way that meets the standard for boy's social and specific development.

Seven Hills have the required furniture that permits all their graduates to attend the top public and private schools with a new approach to education the middle school boys.

Applying to Seven Hill School is quite easy all you need to do is create an account and fill in the required information. Parents and staff cooperate to develop and manage various social activities available in school. Hence providing an opportunity for students and parents to work together which is beneficial for them.

Good news! The application this academic year 2022-2023 is open and the application is reviewed on a rolling basis.

Address: 1311 Overbrook Rd, Richmond, VA 23220, United States

Phone: +1 804-329-6300

 11. Sabot at Stony Point

Sabot at Stony Point is one of the best Christian schools in Richmond that provides meaningful and adequate education to students. They train students to become perfectly skilled as critical thinkers, deep learners and collaborators in future.

Programs that are available apart from children’s spiritual inquiry are health and human sexuality, world languages, mathematics, physical education, science advisory etc. Students from Sabot have this special advantage of connected learning which triggers creativity and joy from various homes.

Extracurricular activities beyond the classrooms make children focus more and learn unfamiliar techniques and embark on entirely new projects.

Address: 3400 Stony Point Rd, Richmond, VA 23235, United States

Phone: +1 804-272-1341

12. Agape Christian Academy

Agape Christian Academy is one of the best Christian schools in Richmond that provides exceptional education to students. The main aim of the school is to train students for a bright future and eternity since a life without God, will subsequently result in ultimate failure.

Admissions are opened for students from K-5 to 12th with a possibility to apply for SUFS scholarship after submitting an application fee. Admissions are accepted according to student’s grade, interview notes, previous school records, placement test score and behavioural review.

Address: 2200 Fairfax Ave, Richmond, VA 23224, United States

Phone: +1 804-230-0974

13. Commonwealth Christian Academy

Commonwealth Christian Academy is one of the best Christian schools in Richmond that provides quality education in this city. The main purpose of the school is to help strengthen the spiritual and academic life of every student from grade K 5 to 12th.

CCA’s tuition fee include, field trips, hot lunches, supplies and all in other to help parents, the school offer parcel scholarships. The scholarships are offered depending on behaviour and grades.

The tuition fee is approximately 7000$ year and they believe that working with student in biblical church and motivated family makes the difference at the end.

Address: 2200 Fairfax Ave, Richmond, VA 23224, United States

Phone: +1 804-230-0974

Conclusion on Christian schools in Richmond

If you’re a parent looking for top Christian schools in Richmond for your child, you might be surprised at just how many different options are available in and around Richmond.

These schools provide an excellent education while also helping to develop strong faith-based morals and values. As a bonus, most of these schools provide advanced programs that prepare students to take on elite colleges and universities when they leave high school.

If you’re considering home schooling or private schooling, it is definitely worth checking out some of these great Christian schools first!


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